NaNo – Day 12 – Too soon to quit?

I’m really struggling with NaNo this year. Last year, I managed to finish it in around 10 days (albeit the last 10 days of the month as I am a procrastinator extraordinaire). The story pretty much wrote itself, I’d sit at my usual table in the coffee shop overlooking the Cathedral in Hanoi and the words would just fly out. At no stage did I have any doubts about it.

This year…well as per my blog post on 10th November, I did get started and managed a measly 468 words and that’s it. I’m in two minds over carrying on – I know that if I get to the end of November and I haven’t finished it I’ll be disappointed with myself and regret not doing it.  But on the other hand..I seem to have lost the spirit of NaNo somewhere along the road. I sit down to write and before I even get round to opening Scrivener I think to myself that no-one will be interested in reading my book (I’m being a NaNo Rebel this year and so am writing a non-fiction book about my time in hospital) so why bother. That’s not the NaNo spirit! As per last year I’m not intending for anyone to read it. I’m writing it as a way to aid my recovery and more importantly, to give me something to do to stave off the insanity while I am temporarily housebound (I’m also learning Italian and French – trying not to let the grey cells turn completely to mush!).

Writing this post has also made me realise that Day 12 is still way to early to even consider throwing the towel in. Thanks to last year’s NaNo I know that I can get 50k words done in 10-12 days if necessary. Enough procrastination – it’s time for a cup of tea (yes, technically that’s procrastinating I know) and time to write.


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