A last minute big announcement!



Once again, I failed in my quest to blog more regularly but in my defense, big things have been happening…

Tomorrow morning I shall be getting the bus from Siem Reap to Bangkok to catch a flight to Delhi, to catch a train to Rishikesh to start a Yoga Teacher Training Course. Woah. Where did that come from?!

It’s a long story – synchronicity and all that and right now I am recovering from a suspected case of Dengue and some other unidentifiable illness that had me crippled over like an old lady, crying and screaming in pain and wanting my mum to magically appear and make me a cup of tea – [insert violins here] so I’m not quite able to write it all in a coherent and understandable format.  But I will write about it soon.

I start the course on 1st October so I’ve got plenty of time to recover and get blogging again.  I’ve still got a ton of posts I want to write about Cambodia so hopefully I’ll get round to that as well..

See you in India!



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