Still exploding – The Right Side 2

I’m back at work/home now after a lovely 10 days in Kampot, Cambodia.  I’m pleased to say that my Creative Explosion break was a complete success! I did zero sightseeing (I could see Bokor from my chair on the riverbank and wasn’t overly interested in a ‘cruise’ down the river) and spent my time doing exactly what I wanted to do – Paint, read and make bracelets!

The ‘Circles’ series is ongoing but I’ll post the pics up soon.  I’ve finally got around to buying proper paper for acrylics so I may re-paint them. I’ve completed 4 of the series so far and keep getting inspired to do more.

I really enjoyed experimenting painting with my right hand and even though I threw a few half started paintings away (still working on losing my attachment to my own ideas of perfection and what I perceive to be ‘good’) I painted another one. ‘The Right Side 2’.

I almost exclusively paint in reds, yellows and oranges and rarely mix colours, preferring to work with bold primary colours in their natural source.  I started the painting by writing The Right Side 2, in red, in the middle of the picture.  I had intended it to follow a similar format to The Right Side. Big, bold and bright splotches of colour.  But almost immediately and without any conscious thought behind it, I decided to work with only blues and greens. The next thing I knew, having decided that colours from the tube were too flat I started mixing them up.  I never plan my paintings (obviously!) as I like, especially with The Right Side experiment, to just see how they unfold. I’m happy with The Right Side 2, for, as there are many elements to it that I’d like to change, it means I get to repeat the exercise and this time paint with an actual plan in mind.  I’d also like to see what else comes up and out onto the paper when I paint with my right hand.  Am I, as the theory goes, now using a different side of my brain? Am I tapping into a different source of creativity? More Right Sides coming soon I think.

And, in the meantime, here is ‘The Right Side 2’ (and next on my list is learning how to take a decent photo!)


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