Day 6 – ‘The Right Side’

Day 6 of my Creative Explosion break and things are, well, exploding. Day 5 was a fairly epic day in the land of creation – a painting and several bracelets were created and I’ve been inspired to create a series of paintings based on a painting I did 2 years back.  Two pictures in the series have been completed and there are at least 3 or 4 more to come.  The series is called ‘Circles’. No fancy name. No hidden meaning.  Nothing but Circles.  Once all the pictures are complete I’ll post them up in a little gallery. I may even make up some pretentious bullshitty explanations about them just for the fun of it.

The most interesting explosion so far however, has been painting with my right hand.  I struggled with the notion of perfection and not having perfect edges and found it difficult to leave smudged lines and edges but the result was interesting.  As I’ve said in a earlier post, all my paintings involve words or circles in some form but ‘The Right Side’ painting was unlike anything I’ve ever created.  I don’t even recognise it as something that came from my brain.  I hadn’t planned the picture out in advance, I merely let my brain run free (a challenging process for me as I like things, nay, need, things to be ordered and planned in advance.  One of the staff at the guesthouse I am staying at came over to look at my painting and said to me, ‘I don’t understand your picture’. ‘What’s to understand?’ I replied.  He looked at me oddly before walking off.  I laughed to myself as I realised I had succeeded, in some sense, in just being creative, in painting for the sheer fun of it.  Painting with no rhyme or reason.  Just putting paint down on paper and going with it.

And so as promised, I ‘proudly’ present to you ‘The Right Side’. (I tried to upload some better pics but WP isn’t playing nicely today!)

The Right Side



5 responses to “Day 6 – ‘The Right Side’

    • Thanks Linspired- the great thing about being a beginner in the world of Creativity is the scope it gives me for development and progress! Look forward to seeing your trio when complete as well!

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