An explosion but not of the creative variety

Its day 4 of my ‘Creative Explosion’ break and all I’m feeling is an explosion of pain.

Day 1 of my break involved 14 hours on a bus and a later than planned (by more than 7 hours) arrival at my destination.  Day 2 saw me participating in a ‘Internal Retreat’. I knew I should be’creating’ but my mind wanted to retreat inwards and so, I allowed myself the luxury of spending the day gazing over the river at the ‘mountain’s’.  Day 3 finally saw the start of some creation – I started my ‘Wreck This Journal’ project and got busy making myself a little ankle bracelet (pics coming soon).

And now it’s day 4 and the only explosion is that of pain.  I’ve had a strange pain in my left thumb for over 2 weeks now but have just ignored it up until a few days ago, preferring to just whinge about it now and then. But in the last few days, my thumb has swollen up, parts of it have turned purplish and I awoke at 04.00 this morning in serious pain. The pain has been working its way across my whole thumb and now down to the base of my hand.  It feels as if it’s radiating up my arm as well but now I’m definitely just whinging (and giving myself an excuse for a massage later today).  Having spent a few hours yesterday making a bracelet probably didn’t help much. I hate admitting to pain (more fool me and my pride) and having to go to hospital.  Especially in a foreign country and even more so for something as trivial as a ‘sore thumb’ despite the fact that it’s now stopping me carrying out normal activities.

According to a local magazine, there is a new hospital here where you can, and I quote ‘have a medical treat, you could have an x-ray or body scan for $10 or so, so go on, spoil yourself’.  Hmmm.  Now the logical and sensible part of me says yes, go to the hospital and get it checked out. But the other part of me, the pride filled one says, Hell No!  It’s definitely not broken, I’ve not been bitten by anything (that I am aware of) and so an X-ray isn’t going to help.  Of course, this is why I should go and see someone because there is something really not quite right and I am no doctor.

But instead, I’ve decided to use this as a way of exploring creativity and so my plan this morning is to paint something using my right hand (I’m a leftie).  The theory behind this being that it will allow me to be more creative and to embrace the idea that painting doesn’t have to be perfect. I will definitely have to think outside my very limited creative brain box.  The one that tells me that if I paint outside the lines then its rubbish and I should start all over again.  The one that says my paintings have to ‘make sense’.  Mentally this is a very challenging; I am not known for painting in the abstract.  I paint very specific things – namely words and circles in a pointillism fashion.  Painting with my right hand is going to give me little to no control over the brush strokes and pointillism will be nigh on impossible.

So I’m off to sit by the riverside and paint away.  I’ve made a mental promise to myself that I’ll post my painting up here later on regardless of what it looks like.

Pictures of my ‘Wreck This Journal’ project are on the way…stay tuned! 


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