A creative explosion and childish fun

Cover of "Wreck This Journal"

Wreck This Journal – Why, yes I will thank you!

I’ve experienced a strong creative urge recently. Every day for the last week or so I’ve woken up and announced that I am going to paint ‘today’. But ‘today’ has been somewhat elusive and before I know it the day is over and I’ve not found the time (or is it that I’ve not made the time?) to paint or explore other creative outlets. So I am very excited to be going on a ‘Creative Explosion Break’. Technically speaking, I am going on holiday for the next 10 days but holiday doesn’t seem the right word to use. Yes, I work. Yes, I live where I work. Yes, it is hard work sometimes. But I don’t see what I do now as work. I see it as life. As living. As being. As my Karma Yoga.  And so to call this 10 day break a holiday seems a bit strange.

Don’t get me wrong, I am no great artist, I won’t be creating any magnificent masterpieces for people to ooh and ahh over. But I feel a need to be creative. And so for the next 10 days I am going to unleash, explore and let my creative side explode and erupt. As I write this now, waiting to get on the midnight bus to Phnom Penh (not my final destination I hasten to add), my bag is packed full of paints, papers, pens, brushes, embroidery threads (a huge thank you to Magi who saved me a potential headache inducing trip to Psaar Leu by letting me take ALL her threads!), sequins, various random items and ideas for blog posts all just waiting to be used. I’m also planning on writing lots, possibly exploring some more poetry and even creating a new website. So many creative avenues to explore – where should I begin. It’s almost inevitable that after all this build up I’ll experience a creative block. I’ve almost built myself up too much.  But I have a cunning plan to overcome that.

Before I left for Cambodia I brought a book called ‘Wreck this Journal’ by Keri Smith – I’d planned on using it as a tool to break through my creative barrier and to lose my ideas and notions about what creativity is and isn’t. I never got round to starting it. And I’ve been in Cambodia for just over 6 month.  But I’m ready for it now. I’m going to get back into the NaNoWriMo mind-set of doing something for the absolute sheer joy of it. I’m dropping my inner critic for a while. The one that always says that everything has to be perfect all the time.  It doesn’t matter that what I create might look like something a 5-year old made with fingerpaints and PVC glue. I need to re-embrace the idea that creativity is about fun, joy, freedom. I will paint outside the lines and not force myself to start again. My bracelets may have the odd dropped knot here and there and I won’t throw them away. I may sew a sequin in the wrong place but so what. I’m going to do this all for the pure fun and childish enjoyment of it all. Fingerpainting heaven here I come.


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