A new direction

Its been far too long since I last blogged. I even considered closing my blog down as I found it embarrassing to have my blog up and out there but not doing any work to maintain it. A blog is only as good as its last entry or something like that and I’m feeling called to start writing again.

My life has changed in ways I could never have imagined so my blog must change with it. I’d originally intended for this to be a travel blog, chronicling my travels and adventures and challenges around the world but I now have an amazing and magical life living and working at Hariharalaya in Cambodia so there’s not much travel to report on.

But I find it strange to write about where I work and as I now work/live in the same place I find it stranger still. I feel that despite my job being my home, there should remain some kind of boundary between the two. Especially considering I set this blog up so that I could remain relatively anonymous on the internet (yes, I know its my fault for blogging about Hariharalaya in the first place!)

I haven’t decided on the exact direction my blog will now follow. It might take a while to get there and it’s guaranteed that there’ll be some real random stuff in the mix but I’m hoping, as I move myself into a more creative era, that there will be more creative and inspiring things to share (and hopefully still some travel writing). Where-ever this new phase leads me, I plan to enjoy it.

And with this public declaration now made….let the blogging recommence!



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